Covid-19 Statement

During this difficult time, we are all having to make significant changes to our lifestyles in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease. Whilst we are still open for business (we are a small home-based business after all), we will be limiting the number of deliveries that we do. Please be aware that … Read more

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Adventure Wallet now on Kickstarter

This week we have launched our Adventure Wallet on Kickstarter. We are really excited to have finally released our second product and you can read all about it here or by clicking the video above to be taken to the Kickstarter campaign.

I wanted to give a little background about the process behind the wallet and why we have gone down the crowdfunding route with this one.

We launched Fickaskåp with big ideas but a very modest budget. Our first product, the Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet, was always intended to be part of a range of similar products. We would use the first product to build the brand and re-invest any income into the design and associated costs of the next product. We always wanted to grow the business organically in this way.

As we do most tasks internally, this has been a huge learning curve and at times a slow process. As more and more people find out about the Waterproof Phone and Valuables Wallet, we are starting to get a snowball effect. Some of the positive reviews we have had have been amazing, we really appreciate them.

We reached a point where we wanted to launch the next product. After lots of back and forth with our factory, we had samples that we were happy with. We just didn’t have the required funds to pay for the tooling and any large orders of stock.

By using Kickstarter it gives us the ability to gauge interest in the new product and get the necessary funds to cover the costs. Of course there is also the happy side-effect of increased exposure to the brand and our existing products. Without raising the funds for the Adventure Wallet in this way, we simply wouldn’t be able to launch at this point in time.

We have plenty of other products in the pipeline too, in different categories to the phone cases and wallets but still designed with your adventures in mind.

Let’s make this campaign a success first and then we can start to focus on those next big ideas 🙂

Single Use Plastics: Our Stance

There has been a lot of media coverage lately given to the growing problem of worldwide plastic waste and the subsequent environmental impact. This is only going to get worse, especially after this weeks announcement that China is placing a ban on imported plastic waste. This is not a new phenomenon however, we have collectively … Read more

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