The Fickaskåp concept has been years in the making. We love being outdoors whether that is an epic bike ride, a hike up a mountain or just a stroll through the park. It is this love that has led us to design products that we would use ourselves on these adventures, whatever they are. Products that we are proud of, created in our own unique Fickaskåp style.

We realise that enjoying the outdoors isn’t just about arctic expeditions and conquering the wilderness. So why should premium products be the reserve of elite athletes? We aim to make the materials and technology used in high-end, outdoors products more accessible for everyday use. Because your adventures are no less epic than anyone else’s.

Because our products are for your everyday adventures, the Fickaskåp design philosophy is intended to fit in with your lifestyle. Our aspiration is to blend innovative product design with premium materials and manufacturing techniques along with timeless style.

Our Story

Neil and Adrian - Tour de Yorkshire 2016
Neil and Adrian – Tour de Yorkshire 2016

What started out from a moment of inspiration on a bike ride, has turned into a completely different kind of adventure. We are brothers Neil and Adrian and we love being outdoors. Between us we have travelled the world and taken part in many exciting adventures in the UK and overseas. Often brought together with a curiosity of “why isn’t there already something that does this?” It was this question on a bike ride together that led us to develop our first product. This got us thinking… is there a better way for designing some of the other products that we use on our adventures?

And so the Fickaskåp brand was born. A brand for everyday adventure that shows that practical can also be stylish. We are proud of Fickaskåp, we hope you are too.

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